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One Stop Wireless Solution is the best cell phone repair shop in Abbotsford

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Best cell phone repair Shop in Abbotsford

Why Choose Us?

Do you need to see if we’re the people you can count on us for cell phone repair Abbotsford BC? You need some solid reasons, don’t you? Well, here’re 10 of them.

Qualified Technicians

Each technician that works for us has what it takes to be truly qualified in this line of work. With diploma, vocational training, onsite apprenticeship, and experiences, our cellphone repair professionals know what they do and how to get things fixed.

Specialized Services

While we cater to the needs of customers with technically any cellphone issue, our expert repairmen specialize in repairing popular brands and models. For example, you can feel assured of getting top-notch services for iPhone repair Abbotsford and other trusted devices, and the most viable supports for the least common ones.

Competitive Repair Charges

We hate the word ‘cheap’ because it undermines the standings of both you and us. Rather, we use the word ‘competitive’. After comparing the regular fees charged by a typical cell phone repair shop, you’ll find ours the most attractive; we promise!

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We’re particularly conscious about keeping our inventory enriched with high-quality tools. We maintain our standard demands for all components, from high-end appliances like battery testers, LCD testers, test JIG boxes, DC power supplies to even the least important items like tweezers, brushes, etc.

Extended Warranty

Unlike most shops that provide cell phone repair Abbotsford BC, we try to bring you the peace of mind by offering warranties that can be anywhere between a week and a year, and sometimes even longer.

Quick Turnaround Time

When it comes to mobile repair services, few things are as convenient to customers as a quick turnaround time. We understand how your phone shapes your everyday life, and so, we strive to deliver a job within hours on most occasions with longer timeframe under very specific circumstances.

Registered Business

We’re a registered cell phone and iPhone repair shop that abides by all standard procedures for both daily operations and interactions with customers. So, you’ve no worries about our and authenticity and credibility.

Detailed Service and Price List

Since we never ask for anything off the book, we keep a comprehensive list of services along with the prices for each of them. Sometimes, things may go beyond what we can put on the list. On those occasions, we discuss the issues and reach an agreeable commitment in cooperation with our customers so that we remain on the same page.

Emergency Supports

Your phone isn’t human. So, it can’t always tell when a problem will occur and you need to find a solution. But, we’re ready to give you the emergency support even during the unusual hours because we can feel you might sometimes have a very little time but need to have your phone in a functional state.

Friendly Staff

Just a few minutes with us will make you see why our customers are so positive about us. Remember that we’re the friends you can trust when your mobile phone needs attention.

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