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How to Fix a Cell Phone in Abbotsford, Canada?

How to Fix a Cell Phone in Abbotsford, Canada?

With a phone, you’ve many possibilities which may go both positive and negative ways. Neither the company nor the user can guarantee that a phone will perform well till the end of its life. A cellphone may catch a problem due to either any hardware or software failure or the user’s wrongdoing, or simply an unintended/unforeseeable accident.

Do you know how to fix a cell phone? Neither the brand nor the cost/problem of your phone is more important than knowing it. As a professional cell phone repair Abbotsford, we could advise you to come and visit us directly just like the other repair services could.

However, we feel it right to help you first, by letting you know how to apply the regular fixes when things go wrong. The screen, battery, motherboard, keypad, etc. are all indispensable parts of your phone. We’ll discuss the causes and DIY solutions to different problems.

How to Fix a Cell Phone Screen?

If your phone isn’t having any system/software issue, and the damage is physical and visible, the need for screen repair becomes relevant.

Put your phone on an even surface and use as much light as you can to check thoroughly so that you detect what it actually is. Is it only a small crack in any corner or a fully shattered screen?

Many users want to wait as long as they can use the phone without a replacement. A layer of clear packing tape or a screen protector may do the trick for a while.

When you’re sure the display has to be changed, the first thing to make sure is that all your data and files are properly backed up.

The time for the most important decision is now. Will you deal with it yourself or call for a good repairman like ourselves? We suggest the latter not specifically for our benefit but exclusively for your own good. However, we don’t discourage you to ask for friendly help with the repair.

How to Fix a Cell Phone Screen That Is Black?

Did you ever see an instance like black screen of death? We know it’s as bad as it gets. Sources of the issue can be several, and so can be the solutions. Here’s what you have left to do in case you face the same.

Reboot the phone using the physical key(s). If you can’t do it, try to remove the battery and put it back and switch on the phone. If there’s no luck, you’ve just got one less step to seek professional repair. If you cannot remove the battery, you can look for tutorials to do it. Be sure you’ve watched the video that’s specifically based on your particular model and brand.

The last thing you may try is go for a “Hard Reset” using the physical keys. Try to learn the process specifically for your model and brand because the combination of keys may vary from brand to brand and model to model.

Nonetheless, the above solutions may fail, and then, the only things left to be checked are the circuits in your phone’s keypad or the motherboard. Under these circumstances, you need to call a pro.

How to Fix a Cell Phone Battery?

Different symptoms may show up when the battery of your cellphone loses its healthy state. Some of the common signs are here.

  • Phone not turning on the battery it came with but other battery powers up your phone normally
  • Phone not charging at all even after everything in the internal settings seems okay
  • Battery draining surprisingly fast although no battery-honking apps are working in the background
  • Overheating battery without anything working in the background
  • A swollen battery that outfits the back cover

When things like these happen, your options are very limited. However, you can still give it a try by doing any of the tasks below.

  • Cleaning the battery and its compartment
  • Restarting the device once or more and plugging it in the charger (if the battery shows empty)
  • Allowing the battery to charge fully while the phone is switched off
  • Freezing the battery in a real cold refrigerator and put it back to its place
  • Jumpstarting it using electric circuits

If you see a swollen battery, nothing is left for you unless it’s a replacement you’re hoping to get. We feel sorry for our customers whose cellphone battery gets damaged too quickly. So, we offer people special deals on battery replacement services.

How to Fix a Cell Phone Charging Port?

The battery issues mentioned above can also be linked to the charging port as well. Here’re the reasons, the charging port doesn’t seem to perform its actions properly. Remember that all the following symptoms may neither lead to the repair of the charging port nor it can always be held responsible for the malfunctions.

  • Some programs inside the operating system or any other third party application may hinder the charging actions.
  • The charging cable might have been broken or damaged (slightly or completely).
  • The wall adaptor isn’t working properly, or it’s damaged.
  • The charging port might have debris and dirt, or its core has been damaged.

Check the cable and wall adaptor first. If the problem resides within any of them, deal with that. Then, check the software issue thoroughly. You may try uninstalling some suspicious apps and then reinstalling them. If things still remain the same, try the “soft reset” and eventually “factory reset”. But, be sure to have a backup.

If that doesn’t seem to solve the charging issue, check the port very carefully for accumulated debris or signs of broken segments. After you’re convinced that the charging port is clean and good, a repairman will be the first person you should look up to.

How to Fix a Cell Phone Dropped in Water?

If you phone has had any occurrence of water damage or spill, there’re more important things to do than attempting to repair.

First, switch your phone off in an instant and try to open the back cover and take out the battery if it’s the removable type. Avoid shaking the phone frequently or pulling the right or left side up. Don’t leave it any position other than upright.

Use a piece of cloth that is highly absorbent to get rid of the water and wet dust but don’t be too excited while doing this. You may use a vacuum to remove the surface water.

An outstanding solution can be a ziplock bag that contains uncooked rice. Don’t rule it out as many experienced professionals still rely on this. Alternatively, you may have special pouches designed to dry your phone.

How to Fix a Cell Phone that Got Wet?

If only the surface of the phone gets wet and water is yet to find its way through the cracks and openings of your phone, you may simply leave the phone for drying for a while. It may take up to 2-3 days of drying to solve the issue. Don’t switch it on even by mistake.

Noticing that the above steps ended in smoke, you may feel like the phone is lost to you. But, we promise we could give it a hard try to save you any costly upgrade or a replacement of the phone itself.

How to Fix a Cell Phone Speaker?

You may hear some sort of noise or crackling sound which doesn’t feel pleasant to the ear. Sometimes, the sound coming out of the speakers may be too harsh to hear. Even, you may not hear anything at all. All these indicate that you’ve got speakers to take care of.

You should start with the settings and customizations of your phone’s audio profile. Make sure everything is right, and nothing (especially the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode) is forcing your phone to go silent. Then, you may disassemble some portions following the right video instructions from YouTube. You can simply ask one of our experts.

However, we suggest you visit us directly and hand it over to any of the repairmen. The cost won’t go beyond your means. Also, your efforts to fix the speakers may lead to permanent damage if something goes even slightly wrong.

Finally, you’ve learned how to fix a cell phone, if not the whole of the trade. We feel immensely proud when whenever we come to know that one of our customers, or community members, or neighbors has fixed a problem that most other would take to a technician.

However, there’re situations where you can entrust the job to us and pay for our services only to avert the likelihood of getting a replacement. We don’t let it happen that our clients are to pay only knowing nothing about the basics of troubleshooting. Our devoted specialists will not only help you with your phone but also answer your questions (regarding how to fix a smartphone). Thus, you receive our service and absolute cooperation.

Contact us today if your phone has already had any of the above issues that you couldn’t fix!

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