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iPhone Battery Replacement (iPhone 7, 8, X, Etc.)

iPhones use lithium-ion batteries which are significantly responsible, if not entirely, for the superb user experience and wonderful productivity. Many benefits count!

But, these little power sources aren’t free of setbacks among which the price is the one that is typically high enough to make you think twice when you look for an iPhone battery replacement.

Another thing you can’t simply ignore about these batteries that they’re likely to age faster following the number of the cycles of charge discharge.

Did you feel or notice that the battery has somehow outgrown the housing that encased it? Maybe, the battery is swelling, which is not only awkward but also unsafe.

iPhone battery replacement
iPhone Battery Replacement

Technically, these problems start sooner than they even appear as real. You should obviously keep an eye on your battery performance; no matter how your device is performing these days.

Take a look the following points. Have you ever detected any of these?

  • A white screen (partially/completely hazy)
  • A little but obvious distance between the body of the phone and the screen
  • Slight movements of the screen as the phone’s edges get pinched
  • Unexpected shutdowns or ridiculously faster draining of the battery
  • AND you need to keep the phone plugged in to get it in the operational mode

Although these problems aren’t particularly terrible enough to make you regret having an iPhone, they certainly need to be addressed immediately before the whole ‘battery’ thing causes you more sufferings. So, what’s the way out?

A replacement should be good enough. But, you can’t ignore the cost. One Stop Wireless Solution brings you the good news that we offer battery replacement services at the most reasonable cost for devices with no warranties or AppleCare+ Plan.

Unlike many repair service agencies or providers, our goal is to provide you with the most efficient solution at the lowest possible charge because we believe that your panache for enriched experiences with an iPhone doesn’t have to be much demanding.