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iPhone LCD Screen Repair ( iPhone 7, 8, X, etc.)

Maybe, you’ve taken just about any measure to protect your precious iPhone. But, you may not be able to rest assured that the LCD screen will always stay okay or unharmed. Well, iPhone LCD screen repair services are useful, just in case you experience troubles while using the phone.

Lots of discussions have been made on the debate ‘repair or replacement?’. Since you want to stay on the positive and hassle-free side, you can start by understanding when repair is the key.

When Do You Need an LCD Repair Service?

The craftsmanship and materials used in the making of iPhone LCDs or technically any smartphone screen leave technicians a very limited scope for repairs. It means your iPhone screen may encounter a few problems that can be taken care of without requiring you to go for a costly replacement.

iPhone LCD Screen Repair ( iPhone 7, 8, X, etc.)
iPhone LCD Screen Repair ( iPhone 7, 8, X, etc.)

Dead pixels are one such issue that is repairable and takes only a little time. The images that you see on the screen are made up of small colored squares known as pixels which consist of several sub-pixels. Sometimes, all of them suddenly get off producing only a black pixel. Stuck pixels are another issue that can also be fixed without rigorous technical procedures.

These problems may appear in different variations like dark or bright dot defects, partial sub-pixel issues, etc. Good news is that we offer these repairs at amazing prices!

When Is a Repair Job Not Enough?

With the above factors understood, you might find some of the LCD issues easy to deal with a repair, but truth is they are not. For examples,

  • An unresponsive touchscreen that works partially or stops functioning totally
  • A broken/damaged screen (which is responsible for the touch-response and display functions of a device)
  • A discolored/white screen that doesn’t get back to a normal state after the regular fixes like brightness adjustments, restarts, settings, etc.

Sometimes, these LCD issues may give you the impression that a simple repair job would be enough, but our experiences reveal that a replacement is the most effective solution.

At One Stop Wireless Solution, we specialize in LCD replacement services for iPhone 7, 8, X, and older versions at affordable charges maintaining a fast delivery time and cordial communication!