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iPhone LCD Screen Replacement ( iPhone 7, 8, X, etc.)

Your iPhone is undoubtedly a prized possession but not very useful when its LCD screen is somehow broken, cracked, or damaged. So, you meet us, and we offer the replacement. Is that all? No, there’s more!

Apart from providing iPhone LCD screen replacement for iPhone 7, 8, and X, we try to help our valued customers get a thorough idea about the whole ‘LCD screen’ thing concerning the most common issues, the possible causes, and useful DIY hacks.

iPhone LCD Screen Replacement
iPhone LCD Screen Replacement

Remember, we can always handle the LCD screen replacement for you, but knowing when to ask for a replacement helps you particularly when you’re interested in knowing a little more about your device’s screen.

First Thing First: Glass Screen or LCD Screen?

If the protective part of your display’s exterior is broken, you’ve a very little to worry about. When the LCD screen gets damaged, you need to look for detailed services, and obviously, have a higher budget. But, we always offer a more affordable way to fix this particular problem.

When Is a Replacement the Only Option?

Certain signs indicate that a replacement is the only effective solution.

  • Black spots on the screen
  • Blurred portions on the screen
  • Discolored areas
  • Completely black/dark screen
  • Straight lines or irregular patterns (not essentially cracks in the exterior glass screen)
  • Partial/zero touch sensitivity

There’re more comprehensive explanations, but these issues are easily recognizable, and you can detect them without having much of technical knowledge about your iPhone LCD screen.

Though getting a professional to do the job seems to be the first thing many iPhone owners see fit, we recommend you check on the warranty agreements because if you’re lucky to have a device with a valid AppleCare+ plan, you can save a considerable amount. If you don’t have that you can easily rely on our services because we offer the perfect replacement at the most reasonable prices.